Bender's Cough

Most of the world became sick, and over seven days, they died. Only a small percentage of the globe is immune. When the dead rise again, the immune must find a way to survive.

Day 9 - Bender's Cough Book 1

The world is gone. Civilization has been eaten by a ravaging sickness known as Bender’s Cough, and now those few who are immune fear being eaten by the animated dead. Ed did not get sick, but he lost everything. After watching his wife and children succumb to the cough, he escapes to his last refuge - his place of work.

When the dead come back to life, Ed finds himself trapped. He must escape before his Vancouver high-rise becomes his tomb.

Day 9 is the first in an episodic series of horror in a landscape where few humans survive. Follow different groups of immune across Canada as they try to find a new way to live in a world that wants to eat them alive.

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The Horde - Bender's Cough Book 2


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