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Damien Richard - Author

Night Things - Vancity Vampires Book 4

Night Things - Vancity Vampires Book 4

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Jonah has been turned. Unable to stand what he has become he longs for salvation.

Eldon created a new protégé when he turned Jonah into a vampire. He should have been able to control Jonah, the same way other vampire’s controlled their young, but with Jonah, this was not so. Still, his grip upon his youngling grows stronger with every passing day.

Jonah can feel redemption within his grasp, soon this nightmare will be over. Eldon’s path to power is set, soon he will be the master of the vampire realm with Jonah by his side.

Will Jonah find peace or will Eldon triumph?

Night Things is the thrilling conclusion to the Vancity Vampires tetralogy by D.G.R. Pick up your copy today!
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