Vancity Vampires

Newborn: Vancity Vampires Part 1

Eldon has made his first child. His first newborn.

But children can be so insolent. His newly turned fledgling has made himself hard to find. Will Eldon track down his first-born before things go terribly wrong, and the vampire council notices his missing spawn?

It was supposed to be a fun night at the movies, but Jimmy has gone missing. Jonah promised he’d look out for his younger brother, and now he must not fail to find him.

When Eldon finds Jonah searching for Jimmy, he’s sure his newborn has taken the boy. Now Eldon is certain Jonah is the key to finding his spawn. Can they both find what they are looking for? Or will teaming up with a vampire be a death sentence for Jonah?


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Paranoia: Vancity Vampires Part 2

The night Patrick was reborn as a vampire he had tasted ecstasy in the form of little Jimmy Stilton. Jim was just a boy then. Years passed, and Patrick has finally found him again. The boy was a delicacy Patrick could never forgot. Jim may be a man now, but could Patrick capture the taste again? He must find out.

Trust has never been a part of Jim's world. At least not until Caitlin entered his life. With love on the horizon, life looks good for the first time in Jim's life, that is until his own personal demon catches up to him. Jim’s paranoia might keep him alive, but at what cost?



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Part 3 coming soon!